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(스모크4 일렉트로닉) Smoke 4 Electronic (Device and 10 refills)



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(스모크4 일렉트로닉) Smoke 4 Electronic (Device and 10 refills)

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*10회분의 카트리지




Smoke 4 Electronic (Device + 10 refills)

Produce a Whopping Puff of Smoke From Your Bare Hands!

A simple vanish is now real magic, not just sleight-of-hand. The puff of smoke not only creates the "magic moment" it expands it. Things

don't vanish, they de-materialize and slowly dissolve into oblivion. Audience reactions will far exceed your wildest expectation! You will be

able to do live, what your audience has only seen on television and in the movies.


Very, very safe water-like vapor. No harmful or corrosive chemicals.


Instantly repeatable. No reset.

10 White smoke cartridges included, over 500+ puffs of smoke.

color change with white cards?

Made from the finest laboratory grade material for superior performance and extra-long life.


Each cartridge delivers 50 large puffs of thick, vaporous smoke. 
Clean, easy and very practical to operate. Easy to put on...


No Reset

Very reliable, low maintenance, no angle problems


In The Box
• Smoke system.
• 10 White Pure Smoke cartridges.
• Wrist strap.
• USB charger.
• Instructional Video.


Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 0.28kg

The product actual weight: 0.15kg